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Mamut Copper Mine - The History

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In June 1965, a Regional Survey conducted by the United Nations Labuk Valley Project detected copper mineralization at the Mamut areas. Following this discovery, further exploratory works, including geochemical survey, pitting and shallow diamond drilling, which were carried out by the Geological Survey of Malaysia, revealed the existence of a disseminated copper mineralization of porphyry type.

In July 1968, geophysical survey and deep-hole diamond drilling were started by the Overseas Mineral Resources Development Co. Ltd., Japan. By the end of August, 1969, prospecting works of feasibility had been completed.

To develop this project, OMRD Sabah Berhad was established as a joint venture Company betweem Malaysian and Japanese participants. The planning of constructions, including surveys and some preparatory works, were carried out between 1970 and 1971. During the later part of 1971 and early 1972, negotiations were held between the Federal Goverment of Malaysia and OMRD for the terms and conditions of Copper Development Agreement and Mining Lease both of which were signed on Feb 19, 1973 and Feb 16, 1973 respectively.

The Mamut Copper Mine then slowly progressed and took shape. Roads were cut through forests to make way for field works to be carried ot at Mine Site, before long heavy equipment and trucks were at the Mine to remove overburden in order to expose the orebody.

Elsewhere, rods and bridges between Usukan Port and Ranau were widened and constructed to prepare transportation of heavy machineries. During such time, steady progress was made to erect the Milling Plant in time for the installation of milling equipment.

1973 saw the coming of heavy and out-sized machinaries especially for the Milling Plant. These were transported to Mine Site via Usukan Port (Abai Bay) bu heavy-duty trailers and trucks. 

Meanwhile, a then mile long tailings pipe line was laid from Mine Site to Lohan. A 1,000 acre piece of lans at Lohan was cleared and embanked to construct the tailings dam. In Usukan, the port was built to handle export of Mamut's copper concentrate.

By 1975, Mamut Mine was set for trial operation and production. It's first ever shipments of copper concentrate to Japan was on 15th November 1975 with a total tonnage of 7,211DMT. "Yue Tai" was the first ship to carry Mamut's copper concentrate. It arrived in Japan on 3rd December 1975. At teh beginning, operations were never easy, Mechanical and engineering faults were slowly put right for smooth operation and production. 

On 27th May 1980 the Sabah State Government bought 49% shares from the local individual shareholders of OMRD Sabah Berhad. The step was taken in view of importance of Mamut Copper Mine to the economy of Malaysia in general and the Sabah State particular.

Since then, operation and production continued more or less favourably save for the low metal prices.

Tomorow will not just be another day at Mamut but a continuing way of life. The mining will continue, the crusher will grind, the dumptrucks will haul, the miners will work and the late-afternoon games will be played.
All, 1,300 meters (4,300 feet) above sea level, Mamut stand with pride.

Compiled by : P.Funk
Copyright from - Mamut News Buletin 1st December 1982.

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